Welcome! My name is Manidoo(Mahn-ih-Doo) Wilkie, but you can call me Mani for short. I’m dedicated to spreading the information to help any prepare themselves for survival.

I’ve started Native Survivalist as a resource to help you prepare for emergencies. Here you’ll learn:

So Who Am I?

I’m an Anishinaabe Native and avid outdoor enthusiast. I’ve been growing up in the outdoors since before I could walk. My family loved taking my brother and me out camping and hiking trips all our life.

As a Native American, I’ve also been fortunate enough to be taught my culture. Things like when to lay tobacco down before taking from the land and how to respect nature have been heavily ingrained in my upbringing. It has become a huge influence on my love for survival.

I have since combined both of my loves to bring the best of both passions into one.

Why This Blog?

It’s no secret that Native Americans are often glamorized as “survivalists”. Despite how I have some relatives who can’t start a fire without lighter fluid. But a lot of Native American survival techniques are written without a Native American voice.

So I wanted to create this blog to help bring a Native voice to the survivalist niche. Teaching some traditional techniques and culture, while also writing about some more modern-day approaches. I’m hoping to share my two loves of Native culture and survival in this blog.