How to Make Your Own First Aid Kit

by Manidoo | Last Updated: April 22, 2021

A First Aid Kit is like insurance. It’s something everyone should have, but hope you’ll never need it. Despite this, a large majority of people don’t have a suitable first aid kit or sometimes no kit at all!

Like any survival need to best handle an emergency situation make sure you’re well equipped.

This past weekend my spouse and I set set-up with their own first aid kit. We wanted to share with you what we considered when making it.

The Essential First Aid Items

The American Red Cross states, at least, a First Aid Kit should contain the following:

Additional items to consider including:

First Aid Kits: Buy It Or Make It?

There are plenty of pre-stocked First Aid Kits available over the shelf with many of the items you need. Most of them are going to be underequipped with all the necessary supplies.

I don’t think anything beats building a kit and am personally more for it if you have the cash to spare. It’ll not only help familiarize yourself with your items but also assure you’re fully stocked. Plus this gives you a bit more flexibility in what kind of container you’d want to use as a kit(I’ve seen some DIY-selfers use a tackle box as their kit!).

If you’re on a tight budget, buying a kit and filling it with whatever content is missing is not a bad option. But, make sure you thoroughly inspect what’s in the kit.

You also don’t want to build a single kit and call it one and done. A First Aid Kit should be readily available to you for any emergency situation. This may mean having to build multiple kits to assure you always have one handy.

You can buy a Pre-Made Red Cross First Kit here.

Where To Keep a First Aid Kit?

In a perfect world, we would be somewhere where a first-aid kit will always be on hand. Realistically, it won’t always be the case. Think about all the places you find you spend most of your time at. Do you know if there is a first aid kit available in each one? If not, then it’s best to equip it with a kit.

Here are some locations where a First Aid Kit should be handy:

How to Maintain Your First Aid Kit

Just like the quality of your kit, proper first aid can only go as far as the quality of training the person who uses it has. Remember to familiarize yourself with every item in your kit. For each item ask yourself:

Do I know how to properly use this?

Make sure you’re certified in first aid and get those around you to take a class. They’re offered year-round at the American Red Cross, and only take a couple of hours to complete. The time spent learning now will make the difference when an emergency arises!

Remember to also renew your First Aid classes when your certification expires. The curriculum does change! 

In addition to updating your training, remember to keep your kit updated. Check the expiration dates on your contents and make sure they are replaced as needed.

Take this time to self-check. Are you currently certified or your certification is expired? If not, I would strongly recommend signing up. Classes near you can be found on the American Red Cross classes search page.